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Jurgen Hyde: Young Ghanaian graduate finds success with Farming


Jurgen Hyde: Young Ghanaian graduate finds success with Farming

Jurgen Hyde: Young Ghanaian graduate finds success with Farming

Jurgen Hyde, founder and CEO of Hyde Group of Companies, is earning success through hard work and support from his mentors.

The young business owner manages more than two companies under the Hyde Group of Companies, which includes an electrical appliances company and an agricultural company that involves animal farming.

He is currently into the rearing of fowls (layers and broilers) as well as farming vegetables. He hopes to be part of the influential “Fifty under Fifty” in the country in the next 5 years.

Mr Hyde’s dreams started when he first gained his primary education at Mamprobi Roman Catholic School (RCS) in the Ablekuma South Constituency, where he excelled and gained a few leadership qualities. He further on gained admission to St. Augustine College, Cape Coast where he pursued General Science after he realized he had gained a strong interest in running profitable ventures.

Speaking to Mr Hyde, he disclosed that, as a young guy growing up, he decided not to forsake the strong passion he’s got for the business, as he further decided to nurture the dream of being a businessman by going a step further by reading “Business Administration” in the premier university in Ghana, University Of Ghana, Legon.

To this end, the dream was perfectly laid out as he majored in marketing since he knew he was good at getting goods sold out to customers. “Growing up in the slums of chorkor gave me a deep insight into entering into businesses that improve upon the physiological needs of an average Ghanaian. It has always been a dream to own the biggest and most effective ranch in West Africa to provide good Food”

According to him, the birth of his company, Hyde Group of Companies, as a result of his ability to manage his mother’s business in the Central business hub of Ghana as well as ensure that his dad’s businesses were up and running. This unique skill he got is in addition to the education he’s had from the schools he attended.

As a growing brand amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to a global economic shutdown, Jurgen took the opportunity to study more whilst at home as a determined entrepreneur with global foresight.

Jurgen admits that he gains his motivation from the well-known businessmen who have also risen from the trenches to gain enough wealth and make an impact on those around them by giving back to society.

He is also known as a great lover of agriculture, and a philanthropist, and he has got a strong passion for the creative arts industry, especially for music.

Advising young entrepreneurs, he said, “ Cut out distractions no matter how difficult it might be and focus on your goals and objectives a day at a time.” Set achievable goals daily that would sum up to your ultimate goal at the end of everything. ”

He added, “Networking among friends and family because I believe the core foundation of an earth-breaking venture is your immediate environment, which plays a major role in selling and promoting you.”

A focused and determined man can never lose sight of his dreams. Jurgen Hyde (born on April 14th in the 90s), is known for his not too popular German first name “Jurgen”.He hails from the capital city of Ghana, Accra notably Gbese. Growing up and living in Chorkor didn’t deter him from being what he had been destined to become.

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