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Nandy talks to Lootlove about collabo with Joeboy


Nandy talks to Lootlove about collabo with Joeboy

Nandy talks to Lootlove about collabo with Joeboy

Tanzanian singer and songwriter Nandy joins LootLove via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about her latest track, “Nimeuzoea.”

She also discusses exploring a range of sounds from bongo flava to amapiano on her latest EP, Taste, working with her childhood hero Koffi Olamide on “Leo Leo,” how cross-border collaborations with other African artists expose her to new fans, and the biggest career lesson she’s learnt.

Nandy on the power of cross-continent collaborations such as her own with Joeboy

When you talk about Joeboy, he’s a Nigerian artist, and I’m a Tanzanian artist. I’m trying to see new fans, to get new fans. [For] us to collaborate together to bring our African music to the world.

Nandy on why collaborating with Koffi Olomide was a dream come true

“Leo Leo” with Koffi Olomide – he’s a legend. I respect him. I used to listen to Koffi Olomide since I was just a kid. And that was my dream because I was just seeing my dad dancing his songs. And then now I just see Koffi Olomide, like, “Can I do something with him? It would be a dream to me and my family.” And then we made it.

Nandy on the soundscape on “Nimekuzoea”

The day that we just created the song, we wanted a different sound. People just like amapiano nowadays, and we didn’t want to forget that I’m a bongo flava artist, so we just decided to mix bongo flava and a little bit amapiano in the beat so that we can get something good, and anyone can listen.

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